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Face-to-face Teaching versus Online Teaching

Niña pensando en clase

Pillars on which teaching is based

In a face-to-face modality, students regularly and physically attend class; developing their group learning process. Similarly, the teacher, also present in the classroom, presents his syllabus at the stipulated time.

A very well defined schedule at the beginning of the course; stable and respected.

Tutoría Clase OnlineIn contrast, in an online class mode, NI students regularly attend NI classes and can develop their group learning process. This makes logistics very different.

From the start, the children / students must connect to a computer (in some cases a Tablet) and make video calls “from classes”.

Something that a priori according to the age range is presented as viable and feasible, in truth we detected a lack of strategic model and regularity.

The teacher ends up being unable to transmit the entire content of the syllabus and leads us to “substitutes” for the pedagogical model of the training center.

Besides, another crucial element to take into account is that young children need constant supervision by parents, or caregivers, to be able to follow classes online. When they are in the classroom, this supervision and responsibility is in the hands of the teacher.

In Class vs At Home - ConsulCat

The Gap between the Traditional Educational System and Online Education

A Digital Transformation, regardless of the sector, is not only technology! Teaching is no exception.

If it were that simple, with a good PC and a good internet connection, we would have enough. Unfortunately this is not the case!

We cannot think or pretend that our students, in front of a computer from 9 to 13 hours, to give an example, maintain the same level of attention, concentration and participation rate as if they were in the classroom. It is unthinkable!

How can we help solve this challenge

Conocimientos y Experiencia ConsulCat

For the change to work, you have to “transform” the initial method, thinking about the desired end result.

This transformation will undoubtedly imply the use of technology, but it begins first with the analysis of the initial method, to see “how” the results of a Face-to-face modality could be achieved, with a new Online modality.

The change of the «formula» of teaching the Face-to-face modality to reach the objective (Learning), with the addition of technology to this formula, will be the result of transformation.

Only in this way, we will be able to propose effective solutions that alleviate and facilitate the hard work of education for both teachers and parents.

ConsulCat Added Value

What can we do in this specific case?

At Consulcat we have experience and competence in online training. We know the limits that technologies can have, no matter how excellent they are.

We can and want to work directly with schools and especially with teachers to analyze the critical points that accompany online teaching.

We can take advantage of all our experience and mastery of technology to adapt educational material.

We can :

  • Encourage interactive use of educational material
  • Promote collaborative work between students
  • Simulate the presence of the teacher with the student through the correct use of LMS platforms
  • Convert pedagogical material from teachers into multimedia documents (documents, presentations, videos, songs, etc.)
  • Adapt content for use on an LMS learning platform
  • Create ways to check knowledge acquired by students, within LMS platforms
  • Create tutorials (for example for topics that generate more doubts or questions)
    • For Teachers
    • For the Children
    • To the parents
  • Train teachers to gain more autonomy with technologies.
  • Etc

To all that, there is only one obvious question left to ask…………. 

When do we start working?

More than 20 years of consulting experience