Amazing S2S VPN Site-to-Site Connection to Azure

Amazing S2S VPN Site-to-Site Connection to Azure

S2S VPN Site-to-Site connection to Microsoft AzureMicrosoft allows 2 types of VPN connections, to connect to your network:

  1. P2S (Point-to-Site) VPN connection

    Such a VPN is used when only 1 user needs a VPN connection.
    Example: a technician connecting from a hotel room. 

  2. Amazing S2S VPN Site-to-Site Connection to Azure

    Such a VPN allows the entire local network to communicate with the network in the cloud. In other words, the VPN-S2S allows connecting both networks, so that the cloud network becomes an “extension” of the local network.

By default it is necessary to use Microsoft Windows Server 2012 to configure a S2S type VPN connection to Azure. But, the interesting thing is that Microsoft Azure supports a specific list of Routers for the creation of S2S-type VPN tunnels (site-to-site), in order to avoid having to use a Windows 2012 server.

The following router manufacturers allow a S2S VPN configuration to Microsoft Azure:

1. A10 Networks, Inc.
2. Allied Telesis
3. Barracuda Networks, Inc.
4. Check Point
5. Cisco
6. Citrix
7. F5
8. Fortinet

9. Hillstone Networks
10. Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)
11. Juniper
12. Microsoft
13. Open Systems AG
14. Palo Alto Networks
15. Sentrium (Developer)
16. ShareTech

17. SonicWall
18. Sophos
19. Synology
20. Ubiquiti
21. WatchGuard
22. Zyxel

Some models can do it directly, natively, while others need the use of a configuration script, to obtain the correct configuration of the router to create the VPN tunnel to Azure.

If you want to know how to easily create a Site-to-Site VPN, from a local site, to the Azure Cloud, our article will make you happy!

Do not miss our explanatory video, to see how it is possible, in just 10 steps, to do all the configuration from A to Z, then to test Site-to-Site VPN to Azure.

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